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Project Management

Let us manage your containment project

What you don’t know may hurt you…

and your client

Accountability is the cornerstone of a successful project and can only be achieved through pro-active project management.

Containment system construction is complex. Without the right tools, it is easy for something to fall through the cracks.

And, guess what? Those things that fall through the cracks may very well be the things that cause delay in regulatory approval or worse yet, lead to failures down the road.

Our project managers (PM) ensure the owners objectives are met. The PM holds everyone accountable, makes sure the right people are in the right positions, keeps their finger on the daily pulse of the project and makes the adjustments necessary to achieve project goals.

Our project management team has an unparalleled record of:

  • Meeting owner’s objectives
  • Identifying issues and troubleshooting before issues cause cost and time increases
  • Finishing within budget
  • Efficient regulatory approval

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