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For the health of your staff and your project

Safety doesn’t happen by accident.

Imagine one of these happening on your job site:

  • installation technician with a sliced opened leg (the femoral artery was missed by an inch)
  • inspector/regulator wrapped up in blowing textured sheet (serious injury occurred)
  • 5,000-lb liner rolls charging 200 feet down a cap at unsuspecting workers and regulators
  • engineers caught in the “triangle of death”
  • a tech narrowly escaping injury when a projectile hit a port-a-john he was going to use

These are not figments of the imagination; we’ve witnessed all of them — and more!

That’s why we decided to make safety training part of our training platform. We started by looking into what geosynthetics safety topics were covered under corporate Health and Safety Plans. And, the results were shocking:

Geosynthetics safety is largely overlooked, even among installers!

A one-stop safety shop.

We’ve combined the information we found throughout the geosynthetics industry with the lessons learned from our projects and other communications to offer a comprehensive geosynthetics safety training program.
While occasional safety topics are covered in all CQAS classes, our geosynthetics safety class and geosynthetics safety consulting services allow the most comprehensive transfer of knowledge.

Examples of our services are:

  • Customizable geosynthetics training classes
  • Review of existing safety plans
  • Custom designed safety plans

Let us help you keep your staff and jobsite safe!

Call 419-269-1800 today to learn more about our safety program or email [email protected].