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Our Geosynthetics Field Guide Focused On Repeatable Quality

The Complete Field Guide to Ensuring Quality Geosynthetics Installations

Volume 1: Fundamentals & Geomembrane

This field guide is a comprehensive compilation of 30 years of experience boiled down into concise processes and protocols that ensure repeatable quality and efficiency across a broad range of geosynthetic projects.

Each chapter exposes quality and cost concerns that when navigated expertly will deliver an installation that provides a rock solid Return on Investment for Site Owners.

This field manual reveals the inner workings of geomembrane installations to unparalleled depths, navigating the balance between complex relationships, the rigors of field installation and external influences that ultimately determine the success of the project.

A work along project, an added bonus at the end of each chapter, walks the reader through the documentation and review processes for every phase of a geomembrane installation.

Other highlights of the book include:

  • Proven proactive systems that identify potential pitfalls, shortcuts and safe guards;
  • Designed for quick field referencing;
  • Powerful content written so the seasoned veteran or novice can quickly apply to their next project;
  • A 25-page instructional pictorial on calculating peel incursions;
  • More than 280 illustrations, photographs and sample documents to facilitate learning;
  • True stories that are both educational and entertaining.
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About Glen Toepfer

Glen W. Toepfer, C.E.T. is President of CQA Solutions, LTD a firm specializing in Construction Quality Assurance for containment facilities.

His vast industry experience includes more than 50 million square feet of geomembrane QA/QC, including a single installation with 136 million square feet of geosynthetics materials installed with zero leaks.

Active in the industry, he authors the blog, authors and presents industry papers and provides expert witness services and technology solutions.

To ensure quality worldwide, he has designed SuperTek, the industry’s first real-time data validation QA/QC software system. His passion for waste containment quality has led to proven field protocols and systems that ensure quality on every project.