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Certification Testing

Don’t wonder if someone is qualified to be on your jobsite.

Know it.

You’re handed a resume showing that a liner installer has 10 years experience. Is that person competent? One would hope so.

Unfortunately, we can tell you from experience that experience doesn’t always yield quality work. We’ve seen second-year workers out perform industry vets many, many times. Isn’t it time we start measuring knowledge, not just years on the job? Shouldn’t our industry demand it? Doesn’t your multi-million-dollar project deserve it?

Fortunately, there is now a solution. Our online Certification Testing provides a true picture of an individual’s capabilities and knowledge, and then correlates that knowledge into equivalent years of experience.

Finally, there is a standardized, “apples to apples” method for evaluating and ranking workers before they step onto your jobsite. CQAS Certification Testing sets the standard and gives you peace of mind knowing that your return on investment is protected.

Want a sneak peek at the Certification Testing platform?

(You can take a sample test.)


Certification Testing For Geosynthetics


Certified Testing

  • A comprehensive evaluation and certification program that translates knowledge into equivalent concrete field positions 
  • Ensures that all site workers have been properly vetted and prepared for their roles


Apples To Apples

  • Standardized testing means “apples to apples” comparison between installation firms
  • A true picture of an individual’s capabilities and knowledge


Built For The Field

  • Geosynthetics Installation Staff
  • Quality Assurance Technicians
  • Engineering Staff


Completely Online

  • All testing done online; can be done anywhere there is an Internet connection
  • Instant reporting – no waiting for results


Continuous Use

  • Utilize for vendor screening and throughout employment as a progression tool
  • Available 24/7!


Customized For You

  • Select the modules you want included in your testing program
  • We create a specific exam bundle and reporting system for your team

Want to take a test drive? TAKE A SAMPLE TEST


Five Levels of Certification

CQAS Certification Testing measures field knowledge and matches the students’ test results to one of five (5) level experience equivalents:

  • Entry Level – Basic understanding of core installation operations and geosynthetics specific safety procedures. 
  • Level I –  1-2 years Field Experience
  • Level II – 2-3 years Field Experience
  • Level III – 3-5 years Field Experience
  • Level IV – 5+ years of Field Experience and a detailed understanding of how to properly address field issues and troubleshoot problems. 

The exams are designed to be consecutive and cumulative. Thus, in order to obtain a Level IV certification all previous levels must have been successfully certified. Lead Technicians, Foreman & Supervisors should all demonstrate Level IV proficiency.

Ancillary Certification Modules

These “Applied Knowledge” modules are industry specific and can be added to your certification program at no extra charge:

  • Geosynthetics
    • Appurtenances
    • Geocomposites
    • Drawings & Blue Prints
    • Survey
    • Tie-ins

  • General Education
    • Advanced Mathematics
    • Applied Geometry
    • Applied Mathematics
    • Language Arts
  • Professionalism
  • Safety

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